Updated: 16 June 2016

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Our Mission Statement: Northern Ohio IEC is dedicated to educating, promoting safe practices, and advancing the electrical industry.

Northern Ohio Electrical Contractors Association, “NOECA, is an association of independent electrical contractors in Northeastern Ohio who have been in existence since 1962.  Those many years ago, many of us small, but elite and conscientious electrical contractors recognized the need to have an organization which promoted the highest standards of character, workmanship and customer satisfaction. To this day we electricians have only intensified and extended our goals from that early beginning.  Unlike some large labor organizations, our principle focus is always our customer and to give him/her not only what they need but also what they want with utmost regard for safety and convenience. We strive to earn respect - we thrive because we strive.IEC_logo3_op_158x109

Twenty years ago, NOECA allied itself with a national organization of Independent contractors:  The Independent Electrical Contractors Association, the largest independent electrical contractor organization in the country whose primary thrust is safety and education.

Electrical contractors who practice the “Merit Shop” philosophy support an association that is dedicated to their success as well as the success of their businesses. Members work together to ensure that the independent sector retains its dominance of the electrical construction market. Through membership with the IEC national organization and other state chapter associations, NOECA electrical contractors increase their chances for success in a competitive construction marketplace.


 Our Vision


• Put safety first.
• Promote the merit shop philosophy.
• Strive to the highest ethical behavior, integrity and professionalism.
• A commitment to ongoing education for members and their workforce.
• Use current and new technology to its maximum potential.
• Embrace new concepts with creative thinking.
• Constantly seeking opportunities to offer new products and services.
• Strive to increase the profitability of our members.